Thank you for visiting our web page, designed exclusively for family, friends, and significant others.
At Pinnacle World Club, you and your loved ones will find a myriad of uniquely designed services and programs specifically designed for individuals possessing varying physical and cognitive abilities. The Club not only invites, but strongly encourages your full, active participation in the life of the Club. Being fully responsive to your needs, ideas and perspectives is at the very heart of the Pinnacle Experience. We share an uncompromising commitment to a tradition of providing world-class anticipatory member and guest services. Such services are designed to exceed your expectations, while always respecting your rights to privacy and autonomous decision-making.
A personal User ID and password will be necessary to access these restricted-use web pages, and requires continuing authorization from a current Club member, as applicable.
Again, our entire team welcomes you. If there is anyway we can enhance your Club or online experience, please let us know. It is our sincere pleasure to be of service and support to you.

Please make plans to attend the Annual International Family and Friends Symposium sponsored by PWC University. This event is scheduled to occur Thursday June 01, through Sunday June 04, 2017 in one of the world's favorite travel destinations, New York City. As the Pinnacle World Club's premier family and friends social event, this five-star luxurious weekend is designed for individuals of all ages. For children, the PWC Day Camp Program will provide engaging activites which are educational, entertaining and fun. For adults there will be: workshops conducted by experts in the field of aging; delightful opportunities for socialization; and most importantly, an incredible opportunity to become involved in Pinnacle World Club's international network of support between families and friends. Enhance your knowledge and gain practical skills to address challenges and opportunities regarding aging in today's global society.