"We must put aside our differences and come together as a global family in better providing for our elders and mentors... most particularly those who gave us the gift of life, shared in our rearing, and as a community greatly influenced our personhood of today."

Steven R. Sanders

Co-Chair and Trustee
The Pinnacle World Club Foundation


The Pinnacle World Club Foundation is a private transparently operated philanthropy of the Pinnacle World Club and its chapter affiliates. In appreciating the interconnection involving all humanity, we are devoted to improving the quality of life for all individuals globally, with a particular focus in programs and organizations which directly or indirectly impact the world's elder community. We are especially committed to improving conditions for elders who are vulnerable due to frailty associated with advanced age; elders who are economically disadvantaged; and elders who experience discrimination or disparities related to race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or mental capacity. The foundation will award the majority of its grants to U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations, international tax-exempt not-for-profit organizations, charitable agencies, or other humanitarian programs identified by our staff, Club Members and At-Large Delegates to the Intercontinental Committee on Funding Allocation. Please note: The Foundation does not award grants directly to individuals.

Maintaining good and forthright communication with respect to our financial and operational goals is one of our core beliefs at the Pinnacle World Club Foundation. It is critical that we provide sound and objective analysis which is free from bias in measuring and comparing our actual organizational performance to our publicly articulated goals. This voluntary transparency, we believe is a minimal entitlement to anyone who supports our vision and subsidizes our global mission. In order to maintain ongoing trust and confidence, we are committed to providing credible data that is factually based, and is relevant, reliable, understandable and reflective of the legitimate needs of elders we directly or indirectly serve.

The Myth of No Effect is the belief that one person cannot make a significant or meaningful difference. The Pinnacle World Club Foundation is adamant in the rejection of this philosophy. We believe every extended hand of support, every act of human kindness, every single contribution no matter how small or great, when utilized appropriately and wisely is a worthy investment in the advancement of humanity's improved quality of life. The Pinnacle World Club Foundation is committed to financially supporting both international causes and grass-root charitable organizations having credible and measurable strategies that are congruent with our 2010 fiscal year funding initiatives. As a global social investor the Pinnacle World Club Foundation recognizes that our community of elders is one of the most vulnerable segments of our overall population and hardest hit by the world's current economic crisis. Thus our support is geared to projects which provide compelling evidence of utilizing sound business and financial management principles in achieving charitable goals.


Our world's elders helped create a lasting legacy of love; a legacy of dramatic human endeavor and remarkable achievement. A legacy often predicated on the dreams of a better future for their children, and children's children. An inheritance by their sacrifices of yesteryear, we are enjoying today.