It is hard to contain our exuberance in anticipation of the blockbuster lineup of world-class social, charitable, and luxury travel events which have been meticulously planned on your behalf. Our club’s summer 2017 calendar is replete with an extraordinary array of magnificent privileges for members and guests.

If you are new to our club and the club’s website, you will find that "Unparalleled Ameniies - Impeccable Service" is not a catchy marketing slogan. Those cherished words are deeply ingrained and represent our established identity and way of life. As you allow yourself to unlock any deferred dreams, we will be at your side to seamlessly execute your spoken and unspoken wishes with the ultimate in personal service excellence. Our collective goal is to bring utmost enjoyment to each day of your retirement years through unrivaled levels of opulence, sophistication, exacting proficiency, and classic timeless elegance.

We cordially invite you to peruse our upcoming travel highlights section (found by clicking the travel link on our main page). You will discover a grand array of exquisite travel opportunities designed specifically for our members and guests. As the affluent lifestyle is defined uniquely by each individual who lives it, your personal travel itinerary will be custom-designed and distinctively tailored to accommodate your personal interests, travel preferences and lifestyle choices.

Our small-group travel size is intentionally limited to a maximum of 12 members/guests per travel event. Because of our travel size, combined with limited high-season demand/availability, early reservations are highly recommended.

This summer's spectacular collection of club benefits, privileges and amenities are at your command. Thank you for graciously allowing us this extraordinary opportunity to bring you some of the most exquisite and luxurious experiences our incredible world has to offer.

Kindest regards,

Steven R. Sanders



As the world's international community and specifically its growing elder population prepares to meet unprecedented challenges, Pinnacle World Club through its membership values and value statements, reaffirm intentions to:


  1. support and strengthen respective local communities through mentoring programs, volunteerism and philanthropic donations;
  2. promote Club programming which provides for continuing personal growth, life enrichment, and lifelong learning;
  3. sponsor events which challenge the mind and body through discovery and participation in new exhilarating experiences;
  4. celebrate the richness of cultural heritage while respecting and appreciating inclusiveness and international cultural diversity;
  5. facilitate access to elder wellness programs and events which promulgate healthy living choices; and
  6. develop programs and resources which communicate positive images of aging and the wondrous beauty therein.