We cordially invite you to experience the Club's portfolio of luxury services and amenities specifically designed for persons age 62+. In the time-honored tradition in which royal households employ staff to see to

the needs of VIP guests, Pinnacle World Club Ambassors are relentlessly committed to proffering highest levels of personalized services with utmost style and grace. Our highly-trained Ambassadors are specialists with unrivaled expertise in the fine art of transforming dreams into reality and banishing problems into a state of exile, with the utmost discretion. Combining grand luxe services with a sophisticated network of world-wide contacts gives our team of proficient Ambassadors capabilities of unprecedented international scope and quality. You will discover that magical moments come alive on a regal scale. Staying true to the Club's Code of Ethics and business ethos, Club Ambassadors stand in ready attention to assist the world's travelling elite experience spectacular landscapes in posh exclusivity.